Fusing Modern Technology with Healthcare IT

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EvoHealth is a trailblazer in modernizing Healthcare IT software. EvoHealth offers a platform solution including PACS, RIS, and Telemedicine software. EvoHealth’s Multi-Tenant cloud-based Fuse platform contains a robust radiology workflow & viewing suite,  powered by GPU technology to optimize image rendering speed. The Multi-Tenant Cloud technology gives customers added security, scalability, speed of implementation, ease of ownership, and cost savings that traditional cloud does not offer.


Zero Foot Print Viewer


Reporting and Analytics


Configurable Worklist Per User


Referring Physician and Patient Portal App


Built in Patient Reminders



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Our Products

EvoHealth’s Fuse Platform has a number of different modules that function as an all encompassing enterprise solution as well as a modular solution. There is a solution for every possible facility need!


View, Report, Recommend


Viewing and Structured Reporting


Scheduling, Marketing, Analytics


Measurments, Templates, and Surgical Plannning

Women's Imaging

View, Report, and Track 2D & 3D Exams


Claims, Payments, Inventory, Payroll & HR

Innovation Starts Here

As many Medical Imaging equipment providers will attest to, PACS and other software-based products in our industry tend to have a complicated sales process because so much hinges on the user interface and customization capabilities. I’ve never run into any of these complications when working with EvoHealth because everyone from the sales personnel to the demonstration specialists and installers take the time to get involved directly and understand what the customers want to accomplish. All too often competitors in this market lay out a blanket product and hope that the integration and overall capabilities are enough to keep the customer satisfied. That has never been the case where EvoHealth is involved

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Fusing Modern Technology with Healthcare IT



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