About EvoHealth

EvoHealth is committed to being a leader in Healthcare IT, by offering integrative software solutions that provide increased productivity and profitability while enhancing user experience. Unlike the recent trend in HIT of merely digitizing existing workflow, EvoHealth is focused on providing comprehensive solutions that efficiently enable a radiology practice to evolve with the market expections. 

EvoHealth focuses on the evolution of HIT instead of how to use technology to replicate old expectations. Our goal is to benefit an evolving society which means providing software solutions that continually evolve and challenge the status quo within the radiology sector of healthcare. At EvoHealth, it is our commitment to evolve, innovate, and inspire the HIT industry with inventive ideas to solve problems which plague healthcare facilities, staff, and ultimately patients. We have developed solutions that enable our clients to improve efficiency and profitability more rapidly than ever before. By turning our focus to the ever-changing demands our clients face, we can meet not only their needs but more importantly their wants to stay ahead of the competition in providing excellent services to patients and referring providers while increasing their profitability and seamless usability in-house.
EvoHealth provides the state-of-the-art, cloud-based Fuse platform, delivering advanced connectivity and functionality at an affordable price. EvoHealth is an industry-leading provider of complete Healthcare IT Imaging and Informatics solutions, backed by comprehensive training and support for the hospital and private practice markets. Solutions include PACS, RIS, Specialty Viewing, Billing, and VNA.

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About EvoHealth

Our Products

General - View, Report, & Recommend


View, Report, & Recommend

Mammo - View, Report, Track 3D & 2D Exams


View, Report, Track 3D & 2D Exams

Cardio - Viewing & Structured Reporting


Viewing & Structured Reporting

Ortho - Measurements, Templates, and Surgical planning


Measurements, Templates, and Surgical planning

RIS - Scheduling, Marketing, Analytics


Scheduling, Marketing, Analytics

Billing - Claims, Payments, Inventory, Payroll & HR


Claims, Payments, Inventory, Payroll & HR

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