EvoHealth offers a powerful web-based software solution for Teleradiology. EvoHealth’s cloud-based Fuse platform not only contains a robust radiology workflow & viewing suite, but also provides tools for managing the complex workflow needs of a large teleradiology practice. Fuse goes farther than simple viewing and report distribution, adding a layer of financial reporting that allows management to directly correlate each workflow step to revenue and profitability.

Zero-footprint Viewing and Reporting

  • Nothing is installed directly on your device. Simply log-in and work directly from the server.
  • Utilize the state-of-the-art HTML5 technology image viewer to view and diagnose images from anywhere on any device.
  • Viewer includes all tools needed for viewing and diagnosis of all radiological studies (US, CT, MRI, CR/DR, Mammo, NM/PET,…etc.).
  • Complete pan and/or zoom requests, window and color adjustments, measure requests, etc,  on the fly.
  • Read, write, and review reports from the web using the built-in web reporting tool.

Small-footprint Advanced Viewing for advanced users and Radiologists

  • View studies in multi-monitor configuration with automatic/manual hanging-protocols for comparison.
  • Do windowing, zoom/pan, annotations, multiple measurements, scan-lines and triangulation for CT/MRI studies.
  • Advanced MPR/MIP for orthogonal, multi-oblique, curved, cross curved and spiral reconstruction of CT studies.
  • On the fly 2D and 3D Triangulation for CT and MRI studies.
  • Generate new slices from different angles. Snap and save them to new series with just one click.
  • Advanced 3D reconstruction for CT, MRI, PET/CT studies can be applied with multiple features for volume reconstruction, vessel analysis, virtual colonography, calcium scoring, and PET/CT fusion.

Advanced Reporting with Voice Dictation

  • Built-in advanced reporting tool allows the Radiologist to insert images into the report.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • Voice dictation feature speeds up the reporting process.
  • Includes a Web-based reporting tool with templates to ease reporting from anywhere and any device.

Workspace for Tablets and Mobile Phones

  • Works with all tablets and smartphones.
  • No need to install special applications on mobile devices, simply log in and work.
  • Fast study and patient search with predefined filters.
  • View images (static and dynamic).
  • Do PAN/Zoom and adjust WW/WL and color.
  • Measure distance, area, density for CT studies, and angles for Orthopedics.
  • Process multi-series CT/MRI studies scan lines and triangulation on the fly.
  • Create reports using pre-stored templates.

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