The Fuse Platform is a state-of-the-art solution for all users in the healthcare sector that makes sharing patient data safe and efficient. Internet browser and OS independent.


Web Server

  • Receive and archive studies from different modalities using multiple independent rule-based compression and routing configurations.
  • Smart re-compress older studies to free storage space and ensure data consistency.
  • Use streaming technology with multiple configurations to support all bandwidth communication lines to ensure the fastest image and report delivery.
  • Use web-server technology to respond to all users and ensure a single database architecture that enables all users to work on one copy of the data.

Worklist Management

  • Unified Patient Profile includes a 360-degree view of patient history, old visits, old reports, and attached documents.
  • Multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies on the fly.
  • Burn DICOM CDs/DVDs from the web with built-in Viewer for any studies in the work list.
  • Share studies with consultants for second opinions.
  • Attach any type of clinical notes, Non-DICOM images, and documents with the patient profile from anywhere on the web to aid diagnosis.
  • Send studies to DICOM servers or CD publishers from the web.

Zero Foot-Print Viewing and Reporting

  • Nothing is installed directly on your device. Simply log-in and work directly from the server.
  • Utilize the state-of-the-art HTML5 technology image viewer to view and diagnose images from anywhere on any device (e.g. Windows PCs, Mac PCs, Linux PCs, Apple iPad/iPhone, Android Tablets, phones, …etc.).
  • Viewer includes all tools needed for viewing and diagnosis of all radiological studies (US, CT, MRI, CR/DR, Mammo, NM/PET,…etc.).
  • Complete pan and/or zoom requests, window and color adjustments, measure requests, etc,  on the fly.
  • Read, write, and review reports from the web using the built-in web reporting tool.

Advanced Reporting with Dictation

  • Built-in advanced reporting tool allows the Radiologist to insert images into the report.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word.
  • Voice dictation feature speeds up the reporting process.
  • Includes a Web-based reporting tool with templates to ease reporting from anywhere and on any device.

Small Foot-Print for Advanced Viewing

  • View studies in multi-monitor configuration with automatic/manual hanging-protocols for comparison.
  • Do windowing, zoom/pan, annotations, multiple measurements, scan-lines and triangulation for CT/MRI studies.
  • Advanced MPR/MIP for orthogonal, multi-oblique, curved, cross curved and spiral reconstruction of CT studies.
  • On the fly 2D and 3D Triangulation for CT and MRI studies.
  • Generate new slices from different angles. Snap and save them to new series with just one click.
  • Advanced 3D reconstruction for CT, MRI, PET/CT studies can be applied with multiple features for volume reconstruction, vessel analysis, virtual colonography, calcium scoring, and PET/CT fusion.


Integration is the most important part of completing the workflow of the digital solution in any hospital (i.e. PACS, RIS, HIS, etc.). EvoHealth Fuse provides multiple methods for integrating the PACS with the real world through:

  • URL integration: a very easy and straightforward integration method
  • WADO integration which requires WADO compatible systems.
  • HL7 integration: a more advanced method that requires HL7 compliant HIS or RIS systems.

Workspace for Tablets and Mobile Phones

  • Works with all tablets and smartphones.
  • No need to install special applications on mobile devices, simply log in and work.
  • Fast study and patient search with predefined filters.
  • View images (static and dynamic).
  • Do PAN/Zoom and adjust WW/WL and color.
  • Measure distance, area, density for CT studies, and angles for Orthopedics.
  • Process multi-series CT/MRI studies scan lines and triangulation on the fly.
  • Create reports using pre-stored templates.

Referring Physician and Patient Portals

  • Allow patients to access and share their imaging results between facilities, physicians, specialists, and other healthcare providers. Our patient portal provides a secure portal that allows patients to play an integral role in their medical care and helps to reduce costs of producing CDs/DVDs and printing of films and papers.
  • Referring physicians and clinicians need access to their patients’ imaging results and data to provide more responsive patient care.  Vision Tools Workspace portal for referring physicians provides a zero-footprint vendor-neutral image and report viewer that uses a web browser to ease the accessibility to imaging data and patient information by on-site or remote clinicians.

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