Fuse Mammo

View, Report, and Track 3D & 2 D Mammo

Fuse Mammo

Women’s Health is not just about getting a screening mammogram annually, but rather about the entire care coordination around the patient. EvoHealth’s Fuse platform offers a complete solution encompassing scheduling, imaging exam, and intelligent follow-up management.

With the Fuse Multi-Tenant Cloud powered by GPU, large graphics files commonly associated with mammography are handled with ease. GPU ensures speedy image rendering while the cloud infrastructure provides security, scalability, and ease of ownership not found in other mammography solutions.

Key Features

  • Anywhere viewing and Structured Reporting for 2D/3D Mammography exams
  • Customizable Hanging Protocols per user and/or group
  • Advanced toolset to support all women’s modalities
  • Workflow engine allows for flexibility to perform additional imaging immediately
  • Native Mammography tracking with patient and physician notifications
  • Streaming technology to expedite image transmission over low bandwidth lines; including 3D

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