Fuse Mammo

View, Report, and Track 3D & 2 D Mammo

Fuse Mammo

Women’s Health is not just about getting a screening mammogram annually, but rather about the entire care coordination around the patient. EvoHealth’s Fuse platform offers an entire solution that encompasses not only the scheduling and imaging exam, but also manages follow-up intelligently.

Key Features

Custom Workflow Creator

  • Imaging a patient arrives for their annual screening mammogram, but has forgotten their prior images and reports. Fuse can intelligently hold the new exam for review and even notify the patient if they have not delivered the additional exam information within a few days. It isn’t enough to track, the Fuse system takes action on behalf of our facility, for the benefit of the patient.

Mammography Structured Reporting:

  • Speed, accuracy, and consistency are the goal for the Fuse structured reporting users. Evolve your radiologists’ workflow be reducing the time and labor it takes to produce a final report.

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