Fuse Ortho

Measurements, Templates, and Surgical Planning

Fuse Ortho

Orthopedic practices are some of the fastest-paced clinics of any sub-speciality. Fuse helps to streamline workflow by providing simple, immediate access to recent and comparison films regardless of location or device.

Fuse is feature-rich with toolsets important to the Orthopedic physician. Fuse features custom surgical planning tools, at-a-glance Patient Timeline View, and support for MRI, X-Ray, and surgical scope videos.

Zero Foot Print Viewing (ZFP) means anywhere access from nearly any PC or smart-device.  Whether it’s to access images from the OR, or to share an exam with a colleague, ZFP eliminates the need to “install & support” additional software.

  EvoHealth’s digital templating module supports implants from all major manufacturers.  Fuse Ortho provides surgeons with advanced orthopedic-specific measurement tools in the ZFP viewer.

Orthopedic-Specific Measurements:

  • Acetabular Angle
  • Coxa Vera Angle
  • Leg Length Measurement
  • Inclination Angle
  • Quadriceps Angle
  • Tibial Plateau Angle
  • Tibiofemoral Angle
  • Calcaneus Inclination Angle
  • Talus Base Angle
  • Lateral Talocalcaneal Angle
  • Scapholunate Distance
  • Ulnar Variance

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