Fuse Ortho

Measurements, Templates, and Surgical Planning

Fuse Ortho

Orthopedic practices are some of the fastest-paced clinics of any sub-speciality. Fuse helps to streamline your workflow by providing simple, immediate access to recent and comparison films regardless of your location or device. Eliminating all onsite hardware needs, while providing immediately-available access to exams, regardless of age, gets the “PACS” out of the physician’s way.

Fuse is feature-rich with toolsets important to the Orthopedic doctor. Custom surgical planning tools, at-a-glance Patient Timeline View, and support for MRI, X-Ray, and Surgical scope videos… all in one platform.

ZFP Viewing means anywhere access from nearly any PC or smart-device with a web browser.  Whether it’s to access images from the OR, or to share an exam with a colleague, ZFP eliminates the need to “install & support” any software.

Surgical planning, aka “Templating”, may be performed in several methods.  Many practices will want EvoHealth’s digital templating module, which supports implants from all major manufacturers.  However, even without needing to perform a full digital template EvoHealth is able to provide surgeons with advanced orthopedic-specific measurement tools in the ZFP viewer.

Orthopedic-Specific Measurements:

  • Acetabular Angle
  • Coxa Vera Angle
  • Leg Length Measurement
  • Inclination Angle
  • Quadriceps Angle
  • Tibial Plateau Angle
  • Tibiofemoral Angle
  • Calcaneus Inclination Angle
  • Talus Base Angle
  • Lateral Talocalcaneal Angle
  • Scapholunate Distance
  • Ulnar Variance

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