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Fuse RIS

EvoHealth offers a RIS (radiology information system) solution for each step in the process of a radiology test from the incoming referral through to the patient registration and each component of the radiology cycle (testing, reporting, sharing of information) and rounds out with back end optics like patient check out, billing and payment processing as well as any needed IT support. The solution is often used in conjunction with PACS and VNAs to manage image archives and provider and patient access.

EvoHealth’s Fuse offers a professional workflow and productivity improvement application for any radiology department. Fuse handles patients scheduling, admittance, billing, accounting, and inventory management. Fuse includes a built-in reporting “MiReport” software designed with multiple reporting formats to assist in compiling professional reports.

Utilizing Fuse RIS as a web application, you ease installation burden, support in the enterprise environment, and boost connectivity with any other systems (PACS/HIS).

Key Features

Why Choose Fuse?

  • It is entirely cloud-deployed, providing redundancy and eliminating hardware needs.

  • It contains features to help your practice GROW

  • Marketing Campaign Manager

  • Appointment Reminders & Notifications

  • Site-Branded Portal Apps, promote the Facility’s brand

  • It has a seamless Integration with EvoHealth’s Fuse Platform (Single Database)

  • It can integrate with any other PACS using HL7 standards.

  • EvoHealth provides remote support around the clock

  • Fuse is designed as an enterprise workflow management application, enabling multi-site management whether it is a centralized environment or decentralized.

  • Users can schedule patients among different sites and branches, share resources in the enterprise, manage consumables and supplies from any location, bill patients and stakeholders, as well as handle and track medical reporting of patients from anywhere.

  • Integrating Fuse RIS with ERP as a back-office Financial manage system will complete the workflow and increase the efficiency and productivity in managing financial aspects, account receivables/payables and inventory items and suppliers and also efficient human resources management.

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