Fuse VNA

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Fuse VNA

Evo Health offers a powerful web-based vendor neutral archive solution (VNA) that includes built-in PACS and reporting capabilities. The VNA can work in cloud, web, on-premises, and enterprise environments using a state-of-the-art, truly web-based, zero-footprint universal viewer developed with the latest HTML5 and streaming technologies to speed up images, videos, and data transmission over low bandwidth lines. The solution includes complete packages for archiving, data manipulation, image diagnosis, printing, reporting, study sharing, and image/report distribution between users inside or outside the facility.

Vision Tools Workspace VNA is considered as an ideal single GUI Application for all operators, radiologists, cardiologists, technicians, clinicians, nurses, home viewing, teleradiology, and telemedicine operators.

  • The Workspace VNA works across all internet browsers and operating systems.
  • Receive and archive studies from different modalities using different rule-based compression and routing configurations.
  • Import DICOM and non-DICOM images, videos, audios, ECG waveforms, and other documents.
  • Smart re-compress older studies to free storage space while ensuring data consistency at all times.
  • Uses streaming technology with multiple configurations to support all bandwidth communication lines to ensure the fastest image and report delivery possible.
  • Uses a web-server technology to respond to all users and ensure a single database architecture the enables all users to work on one copy of the data.

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